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Founder/CEO - Kimberly Jackson, Fort Worth, Texas 

The Founder/CEO manages the organization and ensures that it maintains a positive influence to the public as well as to the ideals and goals as stated in the organization's statement. The Founder/CEO communicates these ideals through public relations with others organizations, companies, non-profits and individuals and maintains an open communication with the Board of Directors. She works to create partnerships and cooperation with other resources in order to provide as many benefits to the clients as possible. 

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President - Desiree Spivey, Roseville, Michigan

The President serves as the face of the organization and provides leadership and accountability through the Board of Directors, employees, and volunteers. The President helps to create positive relationships among all levels of the organization and develops an environment where everyone is valued. 


Secretary - Aleshia Morgan, Southfield, Michigan

The Secretary records the minutes of all the meetings of the Board of Directors, maintains the records of the meetings, oversees the membership list, and keeps all records and contacts safe.


Treasurer - Anthony Spivey Sr.,

District Heights, Maryland  

The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating the financial oversight for the organization by maintaining the financial records and ensuring the accuracy of those records. 

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