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Food Insecurity 

Our food service ensures that our clients have access to nutritious meals in emergency situations. In our lunch bags, we include two sandwiches, a bottle of water or juice box, a bag of chips, and a piece of fruit or granola bar. We will also provide family care packages to provide veteran families with a weeks’ worth of food. 

 Transportation Assistance

Our transportation assistance program empowers individuals to find and maintain stable employment and access to basic needs by providing free bus cards and gas cards in emergency situations. 

Our haircut and hairstyle services provide free hair grooming solutions to individuals who do not have the resources to groom themselves. This program is meant to help veterans maintain their hygiene. Our program relies on licensed barbers and beauticians donating their professional services. 

Haircuts and Hairstyles

Computer Literacy

Our computer literacy program provides instructor led classes that teach basic to advanced computer literacy skills.  Upon successful completion of the course, each veteran will receive a refurbished computer, free of charge.  This program is sponsored by donations from retail companies and refurbish technology-based companies and ensures that every veteran has the skills needed to acquire employment that provides for their needs.

Resource HUB

Our Resource HUB provides homeless veterans with access to the tools they need to secure shelter and maintain health and hygiene. Upon discussing the immediate needs for our clients and how we can help, we simultaneously refer them to partner nonprofits and government agencies that provide benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid/Medicare, SNAP Food Benefits, TANF Cash Assistance, birth certificate and state identification card services, V.A. Benefits, Transitional Housing, and Work Force & Career Training. This service ensures that our clients have access to all of the resources that are available to them in our community.

Portable Showers

Our 3-5-year plan includes acquiring portable showers to provide basic hygiene services to unhoused people. Each shower tank will include a toilet, sink, electrical outlet, and a care package that will include grooming tools such as a comb, brush, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Our goal is to provide unhoused veterans with a sense of self-sufficiency that encourages them to seek opportunities for housing, employment, medical services, and other basic needs.